When do the LED lights turn on?

Only when
a) the power is on: lights up for 2 seconds
b) the device is pared with smartphone/tablet: flashes 3 times

How does sensitivity work and how to change it?

On the app, you can change the sensitivity of each band from the sidebar in Home tab.
- high sensitivity→sensitive to slight movements
- low sensitivity→only sensitive to fast/big movements

e.g. For children, it may be easier to play with high sensitivity.
For fast dance movements, it’s better to adjust the sensitivity lower.

Can SoundMoovz™ be used with a speaker?

Yes it is possible, however, it is recommended to be connected with a cord. There would be less time lag with the movement than using Bluetooth®.

How far can the smartphone/tablet react to the device?

It can react until 20 meters straight distance. (depends on the smartphone/tablet performance)

How many devices can one terminal (smartphone, tablet) hold?

Up to seven devices in average. (depends on the terminal performance)

How many sounds can each band program at the same time?

One band can play one sound. To change the sound, you can select it on the App.

What is the Backing track function?

You can play your favorite song on your phone, select sounds of the bands,
then dance to the music as you create the beats.

How many preset sounds are in the App?

It will contain 40 preset sounds. Users can download new sounds from SoundShare.

What is the SoundShare Find function?

Music Pack: provides sample music composed by sounds available in the app. It also lists the sounds used in the music.

Genre: users can download combinations of sounds in order to create a song.
Patterns of songs will be added accordingly in the future. There are 360 downloadable sounds.

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